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Pricing: All pricing is subject to change without notice, dependent upon price changes made by the manufacturer. We reserve the right to make changes or modify any or all orders in which the pricing has been modified by the manufacturer. At mybimmmerparts.com we strive to be competitive at offering the best possible online discounted OEM pricing. All discounted prices shown on mybimmerparts.com's online website are only available for online purchases shipped and are not available in our Retail Store.

Providing Your VIN Number: Every BMW has a specific and unique VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number), which we use to verify the parts in your order. By providing this VIN, we guarantee the fit of the parts recieved, barring mounting and installation of parts recieved to non BMW-OEM parts. If the parts ordered do not work in your vehicle, and the VIN number was not provided at time of order, our return policy goes into effect. If we sent an incorrect part through fault of our own (mispackaging, not verifying VIN, etc.), we will work dilligently to fix the problem and have the correct parts sent to you. Please include your VIN with your order - it is free peace of mind!

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